New & Used Pallets & Packaging West Midlands

L&J Pallets & Packaging Wolverhampton buy and sell quality pallets and pallet bins as well as new and recycled fruit and vegetable packaging including plastic boxes, crates, cardboard fruit boxes, wooden boxes and bale arm trays.

We aim to offer the finest quality products at the most competitive prices, supplying industry, agriculture, the catering industry, horticulture and fruit and vegetable growers. Based in the West Midlands, we have easy access to motorway networks, enabling us to deliver quickly and efficiently to you .

wooden pallet


All of our pallets have been hand-sorted, graded and repaired to a high specification by our experienced workforce. We have excellent facilities for stripping damaged pallets, which means we can recycle wood, saving you money and helping to protect the environment. All wood waste is recycled efficiently.

Cardboard catering box


Our experience and knowledge of these products allows us to supply the very best quality recycled boxes and bale arm trays to the catering industry which in turn serves hotels, restaurants, public houses and schools. These trays and boxes offer our customers considerable savings compared to buying new packaging.

mushroom tray


Our wide range of recycled plastic fruit and wooden vegetable boxes provides for the every need of growers of fruit, vegetables and herbs, from field to market.

bale arm boxes


This is a relatively new and expanding area for us, and we are currently supplying customers from very different backgrounds, including caterers, book shops and providers of storage.

pallet bins


These really useful pallet bins are specially made on our premises using reclaimed timber so we are able to accommodate our customers’ requirements and specifications. We can also supply plastic bins or dolavs

Dolavs Plastic Pallet Buns


Dolavs (Plastic Pallet Boxes) are used widely in the food processing and preparation industry, and are also useful for general storage and transport.

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